Physio –Chemical Treatment of Tannery Wastes in Sudan

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Galal Mekki, Hassan
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This work has been undertaken to investigate difficulties encountered in treating tannery wastes with emphasis on suitable techniques to be adopted in treatment units such as usage of chemicals. Although many workers have addressed this problem before, the present investigation is an attempt to improve treat ability of tannery wastes in the Sudan. The format of this thesis is divided into four chapters; Chapter I is a generally literature review in which industrial wastes are defined in terms of their types, characteristics and their impact when discharged into the environment. Different methods of treating industrial wastes are briefly discussed in this chapter. Chapter II deals with tannery wastes. This included a general survey of tanneries in the Sudan and their waste discharges. It also covers the tanning processes, nature and origin of tannery wastes and the different methods of treatment. Chapter III deals with the experimental work carried out for the analysis and treatment of tannery wastes, namely that of the White Nile Tannery. The samples were analysed for different parameters such as BOD, S.S, T.B…etc. Different methods of tannery waste treatment were tried using laboratory models. Part of the aims of the study were thought to further understanding of difficulties encountered when treating tannery wastes and to advocate possible appropriate treatment methods that could be applied to tannery wastes in the Sudan. However, the results obtained during this investigation were though to suggest appropriate techniques that could be used for treatment of tannery wastes.
Physio –Chemical, Treatment , Tannery, Wastes , Sudan