Solid- state Fermentation of Sorghum Straw

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Ayoub, F.N.
Hamad, S.H.
Dirar, H.A.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
Chemical analysis of sorghum straw showed that it is composed of 38.6% cellulose, 31.2% hemi-cellulose, 6.5% acid-detergent lignin, 8.7% crude protein and 3.1% lipids. The alkali pre-treatment removed the protein and lipid of the straw, but increased its digestibility from 24.6% to 51.3%. Solid-state fermentation of the straw with three fungal local isolates resulted in an increase in the crude protein content of the straw by 6.1-8.2% when the fungal isolates were cultivated in a straw-basal medium at the level of 1: 6 (wt/v) substrate: medium and incubated at 25oC and a pH of 5.0 for seven days. Extending the incubation period to ten days did not bring about an increase in the protein content of the straw. Fermentation also increased in the in vitro rumen digestibility of the straw to 55.7-62.2%
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