Etude analytique sur le Rouge et le Noir de Stendhal

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Abdelgadir El-Bashir Abdalla, Abdelhady
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In this study, we explore and analyse the character of Julien Sorel, the hero of the novel I3; Le Rouge et le Noir I3; written by the French novelist Stendhal. This young man who descends from a humble social background is fascinated by Napoleon and the life he led. However the personality of Julien is like his idol based on three elements, extreme poverty, exalted and powerful imagination and strong knowledge in Latin and History, Julien wants to achieve glory and power through a military career as did a generation before Napoleon. But time is not favourable, so he was forced to choose an ecclesiastical career. Julien was the representative of much of the young French generation that had no place in high society that oppresses the people of obscure birth. For this reason these young people, not only felt resentful, but also the unjust socially. To understand the title of the novel here is the common explanation that is given: Red is the symbol of a military career while the black one is the religious career. The hero is in facing a difficult situation and comes gradually to a respectable position with his intelligence, determination and beauty. Actually the women he seduces and he uses as gateways also facilitate his social ascending. Unfortunately at the end of the novel the hero dies. The book covers several themes, but it looks on precise and detailed analysis of the social and political situation in France at that time, and through samples taken from French society, and these samples are never charged only through the character of Julien Sorel. The hero is very ambiguously, hesitating between the military uniform and the priest's cassock, between love and hate, between consent and refusal. But his choice is not according to his principles and his conviction but rather on the circumstances, aspirations, purposes and interests
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Etude analytique sur le Rouge et le Noir de Stendhal