The Strategic Reserve Corporation (SRCo) and Its Impact on Food Security in Sudan

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Hussein, Sawsan Mahjoub Abdel Salam
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The study aimed to analyse the role of Strategic Reserve Corporation in food security in Sudan and to identify and analyse the main obstacles that hinder the Strategic Reserve Corporation from playing its principal role in the field of food security in Sudan. Descriptive analysis was used for data analysis which includes graphs and frequency tables relied on secondary and primary data. Secondary data collected from published books, Internet, articles, annual reports and documents from Federal Ministries, Bank of Sudan, Agricultural Bank of Sudan, and Strategic Reserve Corporation . Primary data collected through structural questionnaires with SRCo staff and with line Ministries in the domain of food security (Agricultural Bank of Sudan, Ministry of Agriculture& Forests and the farmers). With a sample size of 135 respondents. The study has shown that there were frequent deficits in different years during the period from 1996 to 2005. The study revealed that finance dependency, weak funding, late release of budget items from Ministry of Finance& National Economy and inability of paying back the cost of free distribution are considered as a major factor that hinder SRCo from achieving its objectives. 78% of the respondents agreed that the SRCo distribution mechanism is affected by political situation and social factors. The study illustrated that the SRCo has played strategic role in the field of food security to some extent as it confronted the food gaps in different parts of Sudan. SRCo supported producers to increase cultivated area. SRCo protected the consumer and poor segments by distributing regular free or subsidised quantities of grain. The study recommends that the Ministry of Finance and National Economy should provides the necessary finance timely for process of direct purchasing from farmers so as to avoid deffered purchasing from merchants and brokers. Furthermore SRCo should search for other sources of funds to ensure the flow of funding and create investment opportunities to improve its financial situation.
Food Security
University of khartoum