Effect of Planting Methods on Growth and Yield of Senna Plant (Cassia acutifolia L.)

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Gelani, Khalda Magboul
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The present investigation was initiated to study the effects of using different planting methods on growth characteristics and yield of Senna (Cassia acutifolia L.) plants. Four methods of planting were used, namely, flat bed, raised bed, planting on one side of ridge and planting on two sides of ridge. The performance of Senna plants was evaluated in terms of both growth and yield parameters. Generally, the results revealed that greater values of growth parameters recorded at the termination of the experiment in terms of stem diameter, root length, both fresh and dry weights of different plant parts (leaves, branches and roots) and number of reproductive branches were associated with the method of planting Senna plants on one side of ridge than the other planting methods. Plant height measurements taken at various times were greater in plants grown on flat bed compared to the rest of planting methods used. The differences in number of days from planting to flowering, to 50% flowering and from planting to the first harvest were not significant among the methods of planting. However, significantly fewer days were achieved from the first to the second harvest and from planting to the second harvest when plants were grown on one side of the ridge than the rest of planting methods. The overall results of yield and its components (number and weights of both pods and seeds per plant, and yield of pods, seeds and leaves/ha) demonstrated that the method of planting Senna plants on one side of ridge gave greater values compared to the other methods of planting.
Senna Plant
University of khartoum