Architectural Integration of Solar Energy Applications With Buildings Special References to Buildings in Khartoum, Sudan

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Hassan, Maha Babiker
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University of Khartoum
In recent years, there was an improvement in utilizing solar energy and using solar applications in Sudan. This improvement requires awareness of using this technology and collaboration among all people who have been involved in this process. In this study, an attempt is made to architecturally incorporate of solar applications with different buildings in Sudan. Mounting of solar applications within buildings in Sudan is not according to any architectural standards. That, therefore, led to losses of its appearance within buildings. Special emphasis on buildings in Khartoum has been made. Samples from different types of buildings have been chosen as a case study, and have been analyzed to indicate how these buildings accept this technology and to study the architectural value of this integration. In addition to that, conclusions and recommendations for buildings integrated solar applications have been made, together with some guidelines for further studies. The goal is to have the solar building.
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Architectural, Integration ,Solar Energy ,Applications, Buildings;Solar Technology;Industry;Drying;Water Heating