WiMAX Networks Business Plan for Sudan

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Ahmed, Shereen Ali Malek
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University of Khartoum
The aim of this work is to investigate the opportunities provided by WiMAX technology for increasing the internet service deployment in Sudan, and to determine the business challenges faced by such wireless technology. An assessment was carried out for the current situation of Sudan internet market. The assessment takes into account the number of ISPs, number of subscribers, technologies currently used, backbone infrastructures, the prices and spectrum availability. The opportunities to widen this market are investigated and plans are developed for different business scenarios that can be used to implement a technology like WiMAX is Sudan. Comparative approach is used to evaluate the wire and wireless technologies as well as the mobile generations. These technologies are compared with WiMAX as a last mile broadband technology taking into account its position among other wireless technologies, the protocols that are based on and the technical aspect behind it. The challenges that this technology is facing either in the market, technically or for the spectrum are discussed. The study also highlights the role of the internet in community development and how it could help in the development of communities. Recommendations are given to widen the market and increase the number of internet subscribers, as well as increase the coverage areas and providing a map to show those areas. The present work also presents a planning tool to carry out the calculation of the number of required base stations for a WiMAX networks; these calculations are based on the physical characteristics of Mobile WiMAX parameters. A business model also has been developed and several business scenarios for a WiMAX deployment in Sudan are considered.
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WiMAX; Networks ;Business Plan;Sudan; Wireless