The Effect of Interface on Soil Pile Interaction in an Expansive Soil

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Fath ElRahman ElTayeb, Nur ElDayem
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A finite element computer program model for analysis of soil-pile system in an expansive soil with the emphasis on the effects of the interface was developed. The predictions of the computer program were compared with an existing field results from an expansive soil at Elfao site in Sudan. The results of the numerical model in case of interface slip mode are in a good agreement with the field results. This computer program model can be used to find the maximum axial tensile stress needed for the design, the position of the maximum axial tensile, stress acting along the pile and optimum pile length and diameter needed to resist the upward movement due to soil heave. Parametric studies were performed. In these studies it is clear that the interface decreases pile settlement due to applied load and decreases pile heave due to change of soil moisture content. The maximum axial tensile stresses in case of interface are greater than the maximum axial tensile stresses without interface. Also these parametric studies showed that an increase in pile length and / or pile diameter decreases both the pile settlement due to applied axial load and the upward movement of the pile due to change in soil moisture content. In the wetting condition the maximum axial tensile stress increases with increasing pile length and decreases with increase in pile diameter. Also in the wetting condition the maximum axial tensile stress decreases as the axial load increases whether interface is used or not used.
Interface , Soil Pile, Interaction,Expansive Soil