Factors Affecting Fuel Consumption in household cooking, in El-Salam Locality-Southern Kordofan State - Sudan

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Hammad, Khatir
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The aim of this study is to determine factors affecting fuel consumption (choice and use of energy alternatives) in household cooking in El-Salam Locality as a contribution to solve problems regarding energy and forest resource management. The specific objectives were: a) to study socioeconomic factors related to type of fuel, fuel obtention and use; b) to study factors related to composition and level of consumption of household fuels; and c) to develop and estimate econometric models of household fuel consumption (consumption function); to specify factors affecting consumption. Data was collected using a social survey. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, ANOVA tests and regression analysis. The main results showed that the type of fuel used is related to the administration units location and degree of urbanization, type of house construction material and education level of head of household. Level of consumption of firewood was related to education level of the head of household, availability of alternative fuels, price of firewood and household size. Consumption level of charcoal was related to the price of charcoal, household size, household income and price of alternative fuel. LPG consumption was related to type of house construction material, education level, income and degree of urbanization. It is concluded that socioeconomic factors should be considered if sound energy planning is pursued.
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Factors,Affecting,Fuel,Consumption,household,cooking , Sudan