The Antiviral Effect Of Acacia Nilotica Extracts Against The Mesogenic Strain Of Newcastle Disease Virus

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Mahmoud, Amel
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University of Khartoum
Methanol, chloroform and water extracts of Acacia niloticasub species tomentosawere tested in-vitro for their potential antiviral activity against the Komarov vaccine strain ofNewcastle disease virus (NDV). Sub culturing the treated samples and heamagglutination test were used to evaluate the reduction ofviability in the viral growth in presence and absence of the effective extract. The noncytotoxicconcentration of each extract was determined by the absence of the CPE. The inhibitory concentration of the effective extract was measured. The tannin percentage of the methanol and water extracts were evaluated by Prussian Blue assay. The methanol extract of Acacia nilotica on vero cells showed non- cytotoxic concentration of ≥40µg/ml. The methanol extract showed a significant inhibitory effect against the tested virus at the concentration of 40 µg/ml. None of the other two extracts showed any inhibitory activity. Subculturing of the treated samples of the methanol extract showed no CPE compared to the control. The HA test showed zero titer of the tested samples against 2 log 6 to the control. The tannin percentage ofthe methanol extract were higher (1.6%) than the water extract percentage (1.2%).
Castle Disease Virus,Mesogenic Strain,Acacia Nilotica