Family and Environmental Social science

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ElZubeir, Zeinab
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To know more information about Family and Environmental social science, the following headlines give you briefly information about that. Social policy :- precisely what counts as a social policy is a matter of debate . Both words are problematic. The term policy commonly refers to a more or less clearly articulated set of environmental ideas about what should be done in a particular sphere ,which is often set down in writing,& usually formally adopted by the relevant decision- making body. It differs from a plan in that plans specify in detail the way in which objectives are to be achieved ,whereas a policy is typically formulated at a more general level , indicating only objectives &the intended direction of change . In academic contexts, however, the term policy is usually not restricted to formally adopted policies, since lack of action & continuation of the status quo(even if not formally agree)itself constitutes a policy . The term social is even more problematic . Social Policy: The most common interpretation is social policies are government policies both central & local that are directed towards meeting the social needs of population ,social needs usually being interpreted as welfare needs , is with the list including policies concerning social security health , housing, education, & sometimes law & order
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Family and Environmental Social science