Nutritive value of Some Grasses and Forbs in Butana Area, Sudan

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ALamin Mohamed, Heba
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The nutritive value of natural pasture plant was evaluated at the end of the rainy season in Butana area around Abo-dlig city. Thirteen pasture plants species were collected, five of which were grasses (Cyperus rotundus, Aristida adscensionis, Panicum coloratu, Dactylatenium aegypticum and Sehima ischaemoides) and eight forbs(Ipomea sinensis, Indigofera hochestetteri, Sesbania aribica, Digera alternifolia, Corchoris clitorius, Tribulus terestris, Crotalaria .senegalensis, and Solanum dubium) Chemical analysis of the samples showed significant differences (P<0.05) in dry matter, crude protein (CP), ether extract (EE), NDF, ADF and Ash content. Grasses contained CP ranged between 5-15%, however, CP of forbs ranged between 9-23 %. The NDF content of grasses species (52.44 - 81.16%) while for forbs species (45.41- 77.39%), however, the ADF content ranged between (30.86- 46.09%) for grasses and (30.88-65.67%) for forbs. In vitro digestibility of organic matter of grasses ranged between 46.51-67.23%, while forbs ranged between 58.8- 74.63%. The content of Macro- mineral (Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium. Sodium and Magnesium) are relatively high. The grasses content ranged from (0,290- 1.150%), (0.050- 1.110%), (0.590- 2,305%), (1.955- 0.155) and (0.105- 1.120%) respectively, while the forbs content ranged from (0.380- 4.950%) for Ca, (0.071 -0.705%) for P, (0.825- 2.635%) for K, (0.115- 0.865%) for Na and (0.155- 1.060 %) for Mg. The content of Micro-mineral in pasture plants species (Copper, Iron, Manganese, selenium and Zinc.) ranged from (0.011- 1.l73ppm) Cu, (0.44- 5.87ppm) Fe, (3.47-22.4lppm) Mn, (0.003-2.04ppm)Se and (0.028-1.75ppm)Zn.