Protective Efficacy of Doramectin Against Experimental Infestation with Hyalomma anatolicum in Rabbits

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Osman, Khadeega
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The objective of this study was to determine the protective efficacy of doramectin against experimental infestation with Hyalomma anatolicum in rabbits. The drug was subcutaneously injected in rabbits at a dose rate of 1 mg/kg body weight, 2 days and 4 days before infestation. The results showed that there was highly significant decrease in weight of engorged female ticks (0.0616±0.0371g) compared with the control (0.3646±0.1424 g), in the weight of egg batch produced, decreased hatchability percentage by 19.83% on day 4 post–injection. The two groups showed significant prolongation of feeding and pre-oviposition periods and decreased oviposition periods. In the two groups, the estimated reproductive factor was significantly reduced, and inhibition of oviposition was 15.45% on day 2 post-injection and 90.79% on day 4 post-injection. It is concluded that doramectin gives protection against tick infestation as well as treatment in animals exposed to ticks.
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Doramectin; efficacy; tick infestation