Assessment Of Microbiological Quality Of Untreated Drinking Water At Omdurman Province, Sudan

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Saeed, Abdelwahid
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University of Khartoum
Assessment of drinking water quality at West Omdurman was the main objective of this study. The west region of Omdurman province was selected as an area of study for its high population density and as an important animal trade center. Three water samples from each of eight sites. at west Omdurman were taken' for bacteriological analysis. using the faecal coliform Most Probable Number (MPN) and the Total Viable Count (TNT) methods. Obtained data Was analyzed statistically against standard values for public water supplies. The study revealed that four sites were coniPatible with the accept-able standard faecal MPN figures. One site, which was El Sheik Abuzaid,,,was found to be extremely pollutd."he either three remaining sites revealed the presence of faecal coliform at a sigeificant and alarming level. All sites exhibite1 high TVC reflecting the bAll technical qtaty of water therein. Recommendations were made to +lase chlorination in at sites and to check and cease all malpractices of using Found water tables as sites for sanitation systems disposals. The study einnhasized the nutt for assessment of drinking water in,Sudan at large
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Drinking water, quality assurance, Sudan, conforms