Physico-Chemical Characteristic and Sensory Evaluation of Soy-Cow Milk Blend

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Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Madani
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University of Khartoum
The aim of the present work was to study the physicochemical characteristics of the soy-cow milk blend products, as well as to investigate the sensorial attributes and acceptability of these products. Moisture, oil, crude protein, carbohydrates and ash contents for soy bean grain were estimated. For cow milk, soy milk and soy-cow milk blends, moisture, oil, crude protein, carbohydrates, ash and minerals contents as well as sugar content were determined. Also the organoleptic attributes for these products were evaluated. The statistically analyzed results indicated that the protein content of soy bean grain was high (38.87%). The results also showed that both cow and soy milk contain no glucose and fructose sugars; however, sucrose content was low in soy-milk (1.33%). The additions of soy-milk to the cow milk improved the protein and iron content of cow milk. The soycow milk 60% blend was the highest in protein (3.96%) and iron (0.50%) content and the lowest in lactose content (2.03%). The organolyptic results showed that, the colour score of soy-cow milk blends when compared with cow milk, was excellent, however, for the other sensory attributes, the cow milk was more acceptable than soy-milk and the blends, also the results revealed that, as the amount of soy-milk increased the sensory properties of the cow milk blends decreased. In conclusion, although soy milk blends nutritionally are excellent, more work is needed to improve its unacceptable flavor and taste.
A thesis Submitted to the University of Khartoum in partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of M.Sc. In food Science & Technology
University of Khartoum Physico-Chemical Characteristic Sensory Evaluation Soy-Cow Milk Food Science and Technology
Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Madani, Physico-Chemical Characteristic and Sensory Evaluation of Soy-Cow Milk Blend. – Khartoum : University of Khartoum, 2009. - 53 P. : illus., 28 cm., M.Sc.