Gedaref Structure Plan: Housing.

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Mohamed Yagoub, A/Hafiez
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Gedaref town has experienced a rapid population growth since 1954. The rapid growth in the number of town population has been due to many causes of which the main ones are: - Migration from different parts of the country attracted by employment as unskilled labour mainly in mechanized rain-fed schemes. - Political problems in Ethiopia. The growth resulted in a number of problems of which are: - Storage in houses. - Shortage of water and electricity supplies. - Expansion of unplanned areas. Steps were taken to solve the problem partially by upgrading schemes, but this was very slow. Site and service schemes were introduced recently and till now have no effect. All these trials were directed to meet the need of high and medium income groups. The low income groups were neglected. Even in upgraded areas, low income groups were driven out to the town fringes. The population of the town will rise to 200,000 by 1997, so 18,000 families, due to natural growth and migration will need to be accommodated. The need due to obsolescence that needs further studies to be fixed. This means that additional land will be needed for development. As the town has reached its possible expansion to the south east and north, it will be the only possible to expand west ward. The land here is gently sloping and restricted and it will only be the town boundary. The proposed plan is trying to solve the problem in two ways. The first one is to open new areas for development. The second is to improve the existing residential areas. Both are to be carried out together in upgrading and site and service schemes. The plan is to be carried out in three phases: - Phase one with a duration of 6 years. - phase two and three each with duration of 5 years. The successful implementation of this plan will establish a much needed new pattern of living and provide an environment to match the increasing standards of aspiration of the future population.
Gedaref Structure Plan: Housing.