Effect Of Seed Scarification Methods On Germination And Seed Vigor Of Poinciana. (Delonix Regia )

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El-Khalifa, Mawahib Ahmed Abdalla
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This study was carried out under nursery condition to investigate the effect of different pregermination treatments on seed germination of Delonix regia. This was achieved by conducting four experiments. The first experiment studied the effect of the position of mechanical scarification on seed germination. The second experiment was conducted to study the effect of soaking seeds in different concentrations of sulfuric acid for different durations and the third experiment studied the effect of submerging seeds in boiling water for different periods of time. The measured parameters included; germination percentage, days required for germination (germination rate) and seedling growth. The best result from each of the three experiments was selected and compared in the final experiment to determine the treatments with the highest germination percentage, highest germination rate and seedling vigor. The results revealed that mechanical scarification increased germination percentage, germination rate and seedling growth, compared with the untreated seed (control). Soaking seeds in sulfuric acid gave significant effect on germination percentage, days required for germination and seedling growth. In the third experiment, the results showed that submerging seeds in boiling water for 10 or 15 minutes had the highest germination percentage and reduced number of days required for germination. In the final experiment, the result showed that scarifying seeds at micropyle end gave the highest germination percentage, germination rate followed by soaking seed in boiling water for 10 minutes.
July 2004
Seed,Poinciana. (Delonix Regia