Effect Of Dietary Levels Of Pelleted Groundnut Haums On Performance Of Desert Lambs

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Saad Elnour, Abeer
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Twelve entire male Sudan desert lambs ranging in age between 4-5 months and their live weight 14-18 Kg were used to study the effect of dietary levels of pelleted groundnut haulms on weight gain, feed intake, feed conversion efficiency and the cost of groundnut haulms as feed for ruminants. They were divided into four groups. Each group was subdivided into three animals. Each lamb was fed separately. Varying levels of groundnut haulms was added to the ration. Four isocaloric diets were formulated. Diet A(control) 0% groundnut haulms, diet B 20% groundnut haulms, diet C 14% groundnut haulms and diet D 7% groundnut haulms. All ingredients of the rations were mixed and made into the form of pellets in a factory in Khartoum. Data were collected on weekly feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion ratio. The ingredients were mixed and fed adlibitum for 56 days. The results showed that the levels of groundnut haulms had significant (P<0.05) effect on the Performance of the experimental lambs. The final weight, average daily gain, daily feed intake and feed conversion ratio showed significant (p<0.05) differences among the dietary treatments. The average daily gain was 264 g/day with a feed conversion ratio of 3.1 compared with the control (Ration A) of daily gain was 134 g/day with 5.8 feed conversion ratio. Average daily gain of lambs and feed conversion ratio decreased as the level of groundnut haulms was decreased in the ration. Ration B was the cheapest in cost and gave the best daily gain and feed conversion ratio.