Some Aspects of Resource Productivity and Farmer's Allocative Efficiency in Irrigated Agriculture: A Case Study of Gezira Scheme

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Babikir, O.M.
El Feil, M.A.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
This study is concerned with resource productivity and farmer's allocative efficiency in the Gezira scheme. One hundred and four respondents were randomly selected through a field survey during 1997/98 season. A Cobb-Douglas production function was fitted to the data. The results indicated that farmers were less efficient in allocating cotton and dura labour and relatively more efficient in allocating wheat and groundnut labour. The efficiency of capital and farm income utilization was also low. This was true for all crops except dura. The results indicated some sort of inefficiency in resource allocation because of the farmers' limited choice of cropping pattern and the inelastic supply of some inputs in addition to the risk –aversion nature of tenants.
Page(s):11 (2), 283-292, 8 Ref.