Aircraft Noise; Case Study of Khartoum International Airport

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Obeid, Omer Ali Mahmoud
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The location of Khartoum International Airport (KIA) in central city, and the increasing of flight movement in the last years, have raised the attention that aircraft noise pollution exists as a problem, and some of population that is living, working or studying around the airport is suffering from that. In this research, the first one of its kind in Sudan, analysis and evaluation of aircraft noise pollution from Khartoum International Airport (KIA) were done by taking measurements outside and inside the airport. A social questionnaire for the outside community and workers inside (KIA) was done. Measurement locations and population sample were selected randomly. The maximum measurement of noise inside the airport was 119.2 dB, which should not exceed 90 dB, and the maximum measurement outside the airport was 117.1 dB, which should not exceed 75 dB. The average measurement for both inside and outside the airport was 102 dB which is rather high through 42 seconds of the aircraft movement. In the social survey, (88.3%) claimed that noise is a problem, (94.6%) claimed that it has increased, and (87.1%) supported removal of Khartoum Airport outside the city with significance found for both genders. In work environment survey (89.0%) mentioned noise is a problem in their work, and absence of medical examination health care system and use of ear protector by (100%). The research results proved that aircraft noise pollution exists in both outside and inside (KIA) resulting in an uncomfortable environment for community and an unhealthy environment for work staff. The results of research were compared with other airports in Europe and Kampala Airport, Uganda. The lack of legislation exists in the absence of noise pollution environmental law in The Environmental Health Act (1975). A recommendation to evaluate the buildings in relation to the environment under the “Concept of Environmental Engineering Buildings” (EEB) is attached which aims to perform a highly environmental engineering function that buildings can do. When Khartoum International Airport (KIA) is tested by the (EEB) concept, it revealed environmental and engineering problems.
Aircraft Noise,Khartoum, International ,Airport,Noise Measurements,Wildlife, Animals,Birds