Environmental Management: Air Pollution in Khartoum Industrial Area

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Haj Musa, Rihab Hassan Mohamed
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Environmental Management concept means the management of the humankind's interaction with the environment. An easy way to get started on the environmental review is to map out the boundaries of the EMS and highlight areas where there are environmental considerations (Eco‐Mapping), this could include chemical storage points , location of waste , chimneys etc. For that Khartoum North Industrial Area was selected as case study. The objectives of the study is to initiate and eco‐ mapping research. Study area: The spread of some significant air pollutants in random locations in two vital areas in Khartoum state namely, Khartoum North industrial Area and the university of Khartoum central campus, is monitored using Short‐term exposure limit (STEL) method. Methods and Tools: A portable gas detector which is capable of monitoring a range of atmospheric gases and combustibles simultaneously in an instant performance with a very low detection limits was used during the first two weeks of November 2007. Results and Conclusion: The concentration of selected gases (carbon monoxide and chlorine) over the targeted areas, reveals and increase with increased processing and its related activities, but those concentration were still below the effective harmful concentrations as indicated by SSMO (Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization). Some of the monitored gases (H2S and NH3) were absent or at lower rates than the detection limits. The possible causes and probable adverse impacts of these poisonous pollutants were addressed and some recommendations for getting rid of them were raised V aiming at a continual improvement of environmental behaviour and performance and for better management of the environment.
Environmenta, Management,Air Pollution,Khartoum Industrial Area