Evaluation of Some Standards for Tillage Implement's Draft Requirements in Soba Area , Khartoum State , Sudan

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Ahmed, Mai Muzamel
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The objective of this study is to evaluate some ASABE standards under real working conditions for different soils, implements, and tractors and then to compare these values measured on the field with those calculated by using ASABE 497 equations. Many experiments were carried out in the Agricultural engineering department farm at Soba. Three types of implements (disc plow, ridger, rotovator) with different speeds and different operating depths were used. The values for draft were measured by using a draw bar dynamometer, and the slip was measured by using two tractors with different loading conditions. The values of field efficiency were measured by calculating the total time, the time loss during the operation, the real width, implement working width and the speed. The study showed that: • The measured draft and drawbar power values were found to be matching with the calculated values using ASABE equations and the error range from 22 to 66% for Rotovator, 38 to 55% for disc plow and 7.5 to 30 % for the ridger. • The values of slip for two types of tractors on (tilled soil) was found within the range of ASABE standards values. • The field efficiencies measured in the field for three implements (19% for ridger,23.6% for disc plow,51.9% for rotary hoe) were lower than the standard values(70%-85%).
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Evaluation,Standards,Tillage,Implement's,Draft,Requirements,Soba Area , Sudan.