Description of Total Hip Replacement Case Series in Military Corp (Feb 2004- Feb 2006)

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Motaz Ahmed Abdallah M. Khier
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University of Khartoum
The aims of total hip replacement include alleviation of pain and restoration of movement. This procedure is being carried for decades out side Sudan. This case series unicentric descriptive study, presents the description of the protocol in the military corp. hospital and description of early results of this experience .The questionnaire based study was undertaken to document the pre-op findings, intra-op protocol and post-op complications. Thirty four THR (Thirty two patients) were done over a period of 24 months, 25 Males and 9 females. Radigraphically, 10 were trauma, 14 AVN, 15 OA, 2 loose THR, and 3 were protrusi acetabuli. All patients with trauma had pre-op shortening .All patients received LMW heparin (Tinazaparin) as prophylaxis, none of them developed DVT . Two patients had dislocations, one was revision THR and the other one was done by junior surgeon. None of the patients developed post-op infection. One hip showed evidence of loosing. It was revision of THR. Sub group of 10 hips had post op shortening. All of them were having shortening secondarily to trauma. 4 Hips had lengthening post operatively. One patient died immediately post-op, the surgery was revision of hip and was the only patient who received general anesthesia on top of spinal anesthesia due to long procedure. The study concluded that, with such limited experience over twenty four months of treating thirty four hips the results of THR is quite promising with the conditions and staff we have, providing that more and more surgeons enrolled in arthroplasty training scheme.
A thesis submitted in the partial fulfillment for the requirements of the degree of Clinical M.D in Orthopedics and Trauma
Army Hip Replacement Full puncture replacement University of Khartoum Orthopedics and Trauma
Motaz Ahmed Abdallah M. Khier, Description of Total Hip Replacement Case Series in Military Corp (Feb 2004- Feb 2006). – Khartoum : University of Khartoum, 2006. - 74 P. : illus., 28 cm., M.Sc