Isolation of Aerobic Bacteria Associated with Fistulous Withers in Donkeys

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Farog Mostafa, Shereen
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The application of geographic information system (GIS) in optimum site selection for investment projects, and proposed projects will give solutions to most of the problems hindering the investment and customers regarding the selection of optimum sites for projects in accordance with feasibility studies and minimum costs. Moreover, GIS helps in setting plans for future needs. The core of this study is a computerized model based on the technology of geographic information system showing how to use a spatial analysis to analyze and introduce the final result according to the project requirements. The types of software used were AutoCAD version 2002 for vectorization; editing and transformation; ArcInfo for Topology and retopology; and ArcView GIS 3.2a for adding attribute database and performing the spatial analysis. In this model, two study areas were selected: an urban area (see figure 1.1 in chapter one) and a rural area (see figure 1.2 in chapter one) from two topographic maps provided by Sudan Survey department at a scale of 1/100000. The urban area includes an extensive area of greater Khartoum map, Khartoum province and Khartoum north province (Bahri). The urban study area equals (1315.364) km2. The rural area includes many villages of Jabel Awlia province. This area equals (1453.522)km2. Reference spheroid for the coordinates of the two study areas is Clarke 1880, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Projection. Grid zone is 36, and Adindan Datum. Constructing the database for the model requires scanning from a hard copy, transferring from raster to vector data, coordinates transformation from machine coordinates to ground coordinates and then manipulating the database using a GIS software. The attributes were entered using the key board. In this research, the method of analysis used to select the ideal site is the intersection method between locations having common properties which is one of the common spatial analysis methods. This method is like the intersection method of Sets theory in linear algebra. it offers the decision-makers a good chance to take the right decision based on the integration of data layers. This project represents a sample project of the bases of which the database design and analysis can be accomplished in order to help the customers concerned with the selection of optimum site.