Effects of Dietary Red Pepper and Sesame Oil Levels on Laying Hen Performance and Some Egg Quality Characteristics in Sudan

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Omer Ahmed Ibrahim, Omer
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An experiment was conducted to study the effects of supplemental red pepper (Capsicum annuum) and sesame oil levels on laying hen performance and some egg quality characteristics. A total of 54 Laying hens (39-47 wks of age) were randomly assigned to 9 dietary treatments representing all combination of 3 levels of supplemental red pepper. 0% 1% and 2% and 3 sesame oil levels: 0%, 2% and 4% in a 3x3 factorial arrangement. Results revealed no significant difference (P<0.05) among treatments with respect to feed intake except for treatment 4, (containing 0% dietary red pepper and 2% dietary sesame oil), in which birds consumed the least amount of feed. There was no significant effect of red pepper on FCR whereas sesame oil was significantly (P<0.05) less efficient in utilizing feed. Statistical analysis indicated a highly significant difference among treatments in egg production. Birds receiving dietary red pepper produced more eggs whereas those fed sesame oil had a reduced rate of egg production. A highly significant (P<0. 01) red pepper x sesame oil interaction was observed with respect to the rate of egg production. The maximum rate of egg production was shown by birds receiving 2% red pepper and 2% sesame oil as well as those receiving 1% dietary red pepper and 0% dietary sesame oil in the diet.Those two groups produced 79.25%, and 79.04%, respectively, but the latter treatment group showed a. reduction in egg weight compared to the former. Supplementation of sesame oil and red pepper in layer diets significantly improved the egg weight. The layer diets that contain no dietary red pepper, dietary sesame oil did not affect egg weight significantly. The supplementation of red pepper at levels up to 2% in layer diet improved egg yolk pigmentation and colour was enhanced by the addition sesame oil.
Red Pepper ,Sesame Oil Levels,Laying Hen Performance, Egg,Sudan