Study Of Reactor And Regenerators System

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Wahabi Hussein, Mohammed
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Catalytic cracking is a complicated and difficult operation. It is a method used in refinery to upgrade a low value product to high value products of gasoline, gas oil, LPG via catalytic reaction. The process is flexible and used for a wide range of feed stock, and the main section is the reactor and the regenerator system. This study was carried out in Khartoum Refinery Company during the academic year 2002/2003 in order decrease the loss of catalyst via optimum method and increase efficiency of the unit for high conversion yield of light component in best operation condition. The study also outlined review on identification of catalytic cracking as a process of Sudanese oil, beside add and separate the catalyst methods from the products and control the catalyst loss. In order to achieve these objectives field and laboratory investigation were comprehensive. Laboratory investigation were conducted on samples collected from different plant locations i.e. the carbon content in, regenerated catalyst, semi spent catalyst and spent catalyst, also the catalyst loss in flue gas and slurry, beside gasoline octane number, gas oil acetane number and the vapor pressure for LPG.The obtained results were analyzed, discussed to assess the performance during the period of the study. Experimental results showed that can use the catalyst type LCR- 99 for increase the gas oil quantity, and LV- 23Cs for increase the gasoline quantity. Also gasoline octane number is affected by type of feed, type of catalyst, conversion and reactor operating conditions. It is primarily a function of reactor temperature. From this results the unit is operate in steady state condition, just to add some equipment as future recommendation stated continues and extensive researches and study in other aspects related to catalytic cracking performance and can saving about 2450 $ /d when the catalyst loss decrease one ton. Extensive research on reactor and regenerator system is needed,