A modified human development Index (HDI)

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Elfatih Mohammed Nour Awadalla, Awadalla
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The study began with the presentation of the concept of Human Development which affirm that mankind is the end of development. Nevertheless, it says that they approach to its continuous succession, which entails an understanding of the international frame. Also, the study pointed that the previous epoch of the Human Development reflected tremendous transformative epistemological accumulations, which was a result of scientific knowledge and the changes in structures, economic markets and political systems. Moreover, the current study aims to measure the human development in the Sudan in the highest degree of comprehensiveness, precision as far as the available data and the constraints facing the process of its preparation, will permit this endeavor. In the realization of this, the study will make use as far as possible of literature and data, specially the ones related to the human development report. The study tackled the Human Development in the Sudan, with respect to four main aspects, that is education, health, income and wealth, and the social aspects. Each of these aspects of Human Development contains a number of indicators, and according to this, they will be counted on the levels of the aspects of Human Development in general. This study adopted a statistical method which determines the weighs on statistical basis, and in accordance to the actual data, and there is no room for personal guessing. The index of each state was separately calculated thence total index for the Human Development in the Sudan was calculated
A modified human development Index (HDI)