Effect of Dietary Zinc Supplementation on Performance and Blood Characteristics of Growing Nubian Kids

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Abd El Rahim Abu Baker, Mohamed
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The present Study was conducted to assess the effects of dietary zinc supplementation on performance and blood serum concentration of total protein, Ca, P, and zinc of growing Nubian goat kids. Two rations were fed to growing Nubian kids, ration A was control (unsupplemented) and consisted of 50% sorghum grain, 15% groundnut cake, 15% wheat bran and 18% groundnut hulls. Ration B was composed of the control diet supplemented with 25mg/kg zinc in the form of zinc sulfate. The experiment lasted for 8-weeks. The average daily gain of kids fed the supplemented zinc diet was significantly higher (P<0.05). Overall feed intake and feed efficiency were not affected by dietary treatment .Blood serum concentrations of calcium and inorganic phosphorous showed no significant differences between the two groups throughout the experimental period. Total serum protein was significantly higher (P<0.05) in kids fed the zinc supplemented diet than in those fed the control diet on day 28 of the experimental period. Serum zinc level was significantly higher (P<0.05) in kids fed the zinc supplemented diet than for those fed the control diet.
Dietary Zinc ,Supplementation,Performance,Blood ,Growing Nubian Kids