A Study on the Performance of Gasoline Engine Running with Producer Gas. (Using Charcoal as Fuel).

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Mohamed Ahmed, Idris
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The liquid fuel consumption of a gasoline engine has been, fully substituted by a gaseous fuel. The producer gas used here was generated from wood or charcoal in gasifier then conditioned in cleaning-cooling system an admitted to the gasoline engine so as to substitute all its original gasoline fuel. The gasification system was designed and fabricated locally, and then connected to the gasoline engine. The gasifier-engine was operated and tested. Necessary modifications were made to the engine to suit the new mode of gaseous fuel operation. The modifications included changing the carburettor there by gas air mixer. The engine was tested running on both pure gasoline fuel and producer gas modes. Within testes necessary modifications were made to gas-air mixer. The air flow entering the reactor also was adjusted. The engine was run with the gas for more than six hours and the rate of charcoal consumption is 3Kg/hour. The exhaust gas of engine, was analyzed, while engine was operating with producer gas. The result of this compared with that, where engine was operating with gasoline. The percent of carbon monoxide in exhaust gas in case of producer gas is between 0.1-1% while in case of gasoline is between 1-3%, which indicates that operating with producer gas is better from environmental point of view. Lubrication oil of engine, was analyzed after long time operation with producer gas. Analysis included, viscosity, Heptane insoluble and metal content (especially iron). The result prove that producer gas has no bad side effects in the engine
Performance, Gasoline, Engine Running , Producer ,Gas,Charcoal , Fuel