A Computer Model For The Phisical Selection Of Farm Machinery

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Eljack, Omiama Elgille Mohamed
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computer model is developed to analyse farm machinery selection physically (technicality) as well as to identify critical factors that can lead to reduce production cost. The model options permit the user to select different sizes of machinery under different soil conditions.The program enable the user to insert the input data thruough file system, and obtain the output easily. The feasibility of the model was tested using data from DAL agricultural company for two types of heavey disc harrow (AH280,BH360) with two types of tractors (CH65,CH65C), seeder, and ridger.The model was tested also by data from Sennar Center for agricultural service, which prepare land only (heavy disc harrow + 4WD). The sensitivity analysis showed that the change in some parameters eg. (Speed, efficiency, capacity) affected the size of machine. According to the results, the computer program worked very well, selecting the machine size and power unit and also matching tractor and implement for proper performance. This model can be used as a good help to the managerial on the machinery selection and decision making.
July 2004
Farm Machinery