On the Disposal Of Used Lubricant oils In The Sudan Environmental Management Study

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Ahmed, Aya Ibrahim Ali
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The main objective of this research is to study the environmental effect of the disposal of used lubricant oils in the Sudan; Khartoum North Industrial area was selected as study area for this research. The methods followed in collecting and analyzing data include interviews carried out by meeting some officials of service stations beside the labors. Thirty five samples were taken from the answers of those people involved in the oil recycling and supervision of its disposal. In Addition to the direct observations during field visits, questionnaires were distributed to the staff of selected fuel service stations and many photographs were taken from different used oil sites. The major results obtained during this research indicate the possibility of polluting the sewage drainage system with pollutants resulting from such oils at a percentage reaching , up to 54%, which is a high percentage since it might affect drinking water for humans, animals and plants as well. This is beside the risks attributed to the non – availability of fire extinguishers and other safety personal protective equipment. Based on the above , the study recommends issuing, by the concerned authorities , of strict rules and regulations to prevent mixing of used lubricant oils with the sewage system . It is also recommended to use safety measures like fire fighting system for the general safety.
Disposal,Lubricant oils ,Sudan,Environmental,Management,Study