Utilization of Wheat Germ Flour in the Processing Of Beef Sausage

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Ahmed, Shawgi Ibrahim Elbakheet
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University of Khartoum
Beef sausage was processed by additions of different replacement levels of meat by wheat germ flour (WGF) replacement levels were : 0% (as control) 10% and 15% .The processed beef sausage were packaged in foam trays , over–wrapped with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and stored refrigerated at 4°C ± 1 for up to 7 days. Several variables were determined using subjective and objective measurements, to evaluate the effects of replacement levels and storage periods on the quality attributes of the processed beef sausage . The measured parameters included : proximate composition, water holding capacity (WHC), pH, peroxide value (PV), storage loss, cooking loss and sensory attributes of beef sausage . The evaluation was conducted immediately after processing, three and seven days post processing day. Results demonstrated that control sample (0% replacement level ) had the lowest (p < 0.05), protein, fat, ash and crude fiber content . Lower scores in over all acceptability, aroma and flavor; but higher score (p < 0.05) in deviation from meat aroma, moisture content, PV and cooking loss%. There were no significant differences (p > 0.05) in fat content, ash content , crude fiber content, PV and storage loss, among the samples from the different replacement levels due to the Storage period. Fifteen % replacement level sample had the highest (p < 0.05) on protein , fat, ash , crude fiber contents, overall acceptability, flavor , aroma scores and water binding capacity and Lower (p > 0.05) P V and pH values. Water holding capacity is increased with the increase of replacement levels. Protein content, fat content, ash content , crude fiber content, overall acceptability score, flavor score and aroma score, were increase with the increased of replacement levels. WGF act as binder in beef sausage production and could be a good substitute to others plant binders wich are used as meat binder or extenders.
Flour, Wheat Germ Flour; Beef Sausage;Nutritional Value ;Meate;Sausages
University of khartoum