The Economics Of Milk Production In El Guneid Area, Sudan

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Elbaloola, Rania Yousif Abbas
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The main objective of this study was to investigate the economical performance of dairy production at El Guneid area of the Gazira state. Dairy production at El Guneid area is practiced through two types of production systems, the open system and the closed one, where fresh milk is produced. The study depended upon on-field survey, which covered the two systems of dairy farming in the study area. A questionnaire was designed to collected primary data from milk producers in forty farms. The questionnaire was supported by secondary information from relevant sources. A descriptive statistical and budget analysis was used to identify the factors affecting the production of milk of those farms. The study found that the fixed cost and the variable costs were higher in the open system farms than in the close system farms. However, the production of the individual cow was higher in closed system farms compared to that of the open farm. The result obtained showed that feeding was the most prominent factor affecting profit of milk production in the two systems. Zakat, Guttan, and veterinary services and type of breed cows (Butana, cross and Frisian) were also important factors effecting the dairy milk production at EL Guneid area. In order to develop the milk production and to reduce the costs of production, a considerable concern is needed to be directed to the production of green forage in dairy farms.
April 2005
Milk Production