Brain Health Challenges In Africa

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Gallo, Amadou
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Brain Health is, and will be, the major challenge in the world. « Time is Brain ». Africa population will represent a major component of the world in the next decades. Via environmental, economic, cultural, food and other factors, human health in general, Brain health in particular, will be stressed. UN predicts a population of 1.5 billion in 2050 in Africa. Its population is the youngest in the world: 44% are less than 15 yours, versus 15 to 30% for the rest of the world. Africa is in a situation of cultural transition, characterized by a mixture of tradition and modernity. The number of elderly, and its medical consequences, increases slowly. This demographic figure let predict an overall impact of non-communicable diseases, in addition to infections. It is estimated that 60 to 80% of people suffering from brain and other neurological diseases and residing in Africa are not detected and properly treated. In a context of difficult access to healthcare, inaccessibility to several major drugs, and limited human and diagnostic resources. This communication aim is to describe the current situation, analyze outcome derived from various efforts done in the continent, and open fields of local and worldwide collaboration for more actions and better outcome in Africa.
Brain, Health ,Challenges ,Africa