Green Universities from a Sudanese Perspectives U. of K. - a Pioneer Green University

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El Tohami, Abu Bakr El Siddig Ahmed
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During the 1990s Sudan witnessed the establishment of a large number of state Universities, as well as, private institutes and faculties. Nevertheless most of these institutions suffer a lot from constraints and difficulties that prevent them from being green universities. However, old Sudanese universities can be considered as green ones. This paper focuses on the University of Khartoum, which was established in the year 1904 as a good example for such type of green institutes. It is green because of the following facts: unique location at the left bank of the Blue Nile River, occupies a large surface area, well developed infrastructure, well built environment, presence of large green open spaces and a large number of trees that are present whenever you go in the university. There is also a shelter belt of ever green trees surrounding the outer walls of the university buildings, theaters, lecture rooms, laboratories, staff and administration offices. All are well aerated and need less energy for cooling due to the fact that the walls of all buildings are hollow that allow the circulation of air inside these walls. Students cafeteria café and other students activities are located in areas away from the faculties buildings in addition to the presence of two football yards..etc. Moreover, the staff of this university is of a high caliber and the students who join it are of high quality and are tops of the students of the whole country. One can conclude that regardless of the financial difficulties and political instability facing U of K, this university is considered as a green university with green education facilities, opportunities and strong infrastructure which is friendlier with the environment, those who graduate from it are now leading development inside the country and also in other countries. One can conclude that U of K is a pioneer green University since its establishment.
green building, green university, U. Of K., resource savings