Physico-Chemical Properties of WatermelonSeeds Flour and Its Use in Biscuits Making

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Ali, Marwa Faroug Alrayah
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Watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris) seeds and patent flour from a mixture (Australian and American wheats) were used in this study. Proximate analysis, minerals, tannins and phytic acid contents, were carried for wheat and watermelon seed flours. Amino acids profile had been done for watermelon seeds flour. Rheological properties were studied for wheat flour with 0, 5, 10 and 15%watermelon seeds flour. The results of the proximate analysis showed that, ash (2.97%), protein (20.61%), fat (30.50%) and fiber (33.52%) for watermelon seeds flour were significantly higher than for the wheat flour 0.507, 11.05, 1.43, 0.15%, respectively. The wheat flour carbohydrate (76.79%) was higher than the watermelon seed flour (7.31%). Ca, K, Na, Fe ,Mn and Zn (42.09,18.86,33.58,3.42,1.47,3.22mg/100g, respectively)in watermelon seeds flour were higher than in wheat flour(20.24,7.25,3.44,0.82,0.75,0.85mg/100g,respectively), but the wheat flour had higher content of Mg (270.55 mg/100g) than watermelon seeds flour (232.41 mg/100g). No significant difference between the two types of flours wheat and watermelon seeds in tannin content15.0and16.7mg/100g,respectively. The phytic acid content of melon seed flour (1445.33 mg/100g) was higher than for wheat flour (126.00 mg/100g). Lysine and methionine were the limiting amino acids while glutamic acid was marginal in watermelon seeds flour. The addition of watermelon seed flour affected the rheology of the wheat flour dough as reflected in the farinogram and extensogram. As the percentage of watermelon seeds flour increased, the energy and resistance decreased,but extensibility increased, showing softer dough. The quality evaluation for biscuits made from wheat flour with watermelon seeds flour (15%) addition had the highest spread ratio (10.9). The overall quality evaluation of biscuits made from wheat flour and watermelon seeds flour showed high acceptability, wheat flour blended with10%watermelon seeds flour showed best biscuits.
July 2006
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