Infection Control measures in dental practice in Khartoum State

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Ali Mohammed, Zein El-abdeen
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The objectives of this study were to investigate compliance of the Sudanese dentists with the recommended infection control measures , to determine if practices differ between government and private clinics and to compare the Sudanese practices to those commonly found in other parts of the world . The study was a survey carried out on the dentists stationed in Khartoum State . Questionnaires about the infection control measures were distributed to the 150 randomly selected dentists in their clinics . The data was analyzed with computer using (SPSS) .The results showed that 52% vaccinated against HBV , 73% used dry heat for instrument sterilization while 22% used autoclave . For the use of PPE , results showed 92% wore gloves before treating patients , 50% used facemasks,15% used protective eyewear and about 61% wore coats. Results also indicated that 24% sterilized handpieces , 48% disinfected impressions and non-disposable trays, 77% possessed more than one piece of each hand instrument. It was found that 100% used disposable dental needles and 96% used disposable anaesthetic corpules , 47% used closed containers for sharps disposal , more than 67% disposed clinic waste with the household. Results revealed that 66% flushed their dental unit waterlines , 68% disinfected operatory surfaces , 32% managed all patients as if they were viruses carriers and only 19% give patients antimicrobial mouth wash before intra-oral procedures.There was no considerable practice differences between government and private clinics in the use of most of the vital infection control measures .It was noticed that in the comparison with the international infection control measures reported in the literature , the Sudanese practice appeared less in some areas and comparable in others . The study gave support to the concept of continuous education on infection control
Infection Control measures in dental practice in Khartoum State