Literature: An Accelerator for Language Learning

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Albooni, Gamar
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University of Khartoum
I do have an unshakeable belief that anyone who intends to learn the language has to cross the causeway leading to literature. In other words, literature is considered as a promising tool for language learning. Why? Because the repertoire of literature is pregnant with, as scholars in the field have claimed, various advantages: cultural /intercultural/ political awareness-. Moreover, motivation – literary texts are very motivating due to their authenticity and the meaningful context they provide (Ghoson, 2002, Van, 2009). On the same score, Mackey (2001) claims that due to its authenticity, literature can develop {sociolinguistic/ pragmatic) knowledge as manifested in the communicative competence model. Maley (1989a) says that literature deals with a potpourri of language types from slang to formal in a wide variety of contexts. Arthur (1968) believes that syntactic knowledge and vocabulary enrichment can be accelerated through literary texts {vocabulary and grammar knowledge} Quite in line with others, Van (2009) adds that literature is rich with innumerable authentic examples of language for the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Moreover, Ghosn, (2002) posits that reading literary texts fosters emotional intelligence. Literature is a good medium for critical thinking enhancement among learners (Gajdusek and Van Dommelen 1993; Ghoson 2002; Van 2009). Ghoson (2002) maintains that literature can not only bring about changes in the attitudes of the learners, but also positively sharpenmankind’s political consciousness. In order to substantiate this point, consider the following historical capsule, which the researcher believes could be of value.
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