Impact of Kenana Project on Regional Development

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Mahmoud, Mahmoud Abu Elhassan
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This study is conducted on Kenana region to indicate the impact of Kenana project as an agro-industrial and multinational investment project, on regional development. To achieve this, the study is dedicated to cover the following subjects: Firstly: the study concentrated on background on geography, history, socioeconomics and administration of Kenana region (the study areas) in its national context. Secondly: A theoretical background that covered the regional development from sides of related theories and pertinent studies is presented. Data and information concerning the study area and the theoretical background were collected and analyzed. Theoretical basis of the study is outlined and criteria for assessment were selected. Thirdly: the study goes through the main sectors or aspects for regional development or of the settlement plan (social, economical, physical and environmental sectors) by describing them and assessing them with respect to selected criteria for assessment. Fourthly: the result of the study revealed that; Kenana project has a positive impact on the regional development in the area such as provision of a wide range of social development, economic activities and different infrastructure facilities. The project has slight increase on the standard of living of the people due to provision of job opportunities in the area. On the other hand, it has negative impacts on the environment due to extensive use of agrochemical led to health and environmental hazards and spread of diseases. Lastly: the study ends with a summary of conclusions of what has been obtained from the description and assessment, and others some recommendations to solve certain existing problems, and to guide future development policies.