Effect of Genotype and Location on Proximate Composition of Faba Beans

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Elsayed, M.E.O.
Khattab, A.H.
El Tinay, A.H.
Ali, A.E.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
Seeds of seven faba bean genotypes, namely 00634, 00616, 00648, 00594, BB7, BF2/2/8/1 and H72, grown at four locations (Wad Medani, Shendi, El Rahad and Shambat), were used in this study. The results showed that the seeds contained 4.3% - 8.1%, moisture, 1.9% - 5.3% ash, 0.7%- 1.4% fat, 6.8% - 12.4% crude fibre and 28.0% - 37.8% protein. The proximate composition of the seed coat was 3.2% - 8.9% moisture, 2.0% - 4.8% ash, 44.2% - 52.3% crude fibre and 5.2% -9.7% protein. The seed coat percentage varied from 9.2% to 16.3%. The correlation between proximate composition, seed coat thickness and seed coat percentage revealed that the protein content was significantly and negatively (r=-0.636) correlated with ash and crude fibre content (r= -0.646), but it correlates significantly and negatively (r=-0.687) with seed coat percentage.
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