Stratification of Selected Soil Properties as Influenced by Tillage

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Abdalla, M.A.
Elshami, O. M.E.
Elmubarak, E. A.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
Stratification ratio values (SRVs) of the soil characteristics is a quantitative parametric approach proposed in this study to reveal the magnitude of favourable conditions and/ or adverse effects imposed by applying long-term conventional tillage system for soil management. This study was conducted in selected sandy clay loam soils belonging to the soil order Aridisols. The study showed that SRVs of soil organic carbon in surface soil are very low (0.75 to 1.01), compared to that of the subsurface, suggesting high rate of mineralization in the soil surface. Lower ratio values of bulk densities (0.77 to 0.98) were accompanied by higher ratio values of total porosity (0.51 to 1.18) in subsurface soils, indicating improvement in the physical properties. These findings could be considered as land quality indicators improving management technical specification packages and; adding input to the range of characteristics of the established soil series and; to the land quality set for the designation of land suitability classes elsewhere in the Sudan.
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