Knowledge and Attitudes of The Population in Gezira State, Sudan, About HIV/AIDS

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Mohamed, Elsadig Y.
Zeidan, Zeidan A.
Almokashfi, Taha Ahmed
Aboahmed, Hyder
Balla, Siham A.
Abdalla, Sawsan M.
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Background: The objectives of the study were to i) to assess people’s knowledge of HIV/AIDS in terms of conditions related to infection, modes of transmission and prevention, in Gezira state, Sudan and ii) to assess people’s attitudes towards HIV-infected individuals. Methods: The study design was a descriptive, cross-sectional, community- based study conducted in Gezira state, Sudan. The population was made up of adults of both sexes found in four areas in the state during April 2009. Data was collected by a pre-coded questionnaire and was analyzed by the computer using SPSS. Results: Knowledge of the population in Gezira state about HIV/AIDS was favorable. Good, average and poor knowledge constituted 75.5%, 14.8% and 9.7% respectively. The younger age group had more knowledge about HIV/AIDS than the older age group (76.2% versus 74.3%). Females had better knowledge than males (76.5% and 74.4%). Those with positive attitudes towards HIV/AIDS were (43.8%). This was related to the level of knowledge; those who had good, average and poor knowledge showed positive attitudes of 49.5%, 31% and 18.9% respectively. Females had more positive attitudes towards people living with AIDS (PLWHA) than males (47.0% versus 40.1%). Positive attitudes of population towards PLWHA increased according to the level of education, the university graduates were more tolerant (56%) than the basic/secondary (43.2%) and the illiterates (22.9%). Conclusion: Knowledge of the population in Gezira state about HIV/ AIDS was good while positive attitudes towards the disease was low. The level of knowledge was higher and attitudes were better among the younger age group, the more educated, the females, and the married population. Positive attitudes increased as the level of HIV/AIDS knowledge increased.
HIV/AIDS, Gezira State, Sudan