The in-vetro effect of snake venom on haemostatic mechanism in sudan

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Osman, Mohammed
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The present study was carried out on the snakes captured from Khartoum North, Algazzera and Nuba mountains, where venoms were collected from 4 types of snakes belonging to the family Viperidae, genera: Echis and Bitis, species: ocellatus, pyarimidum, leucagaster and arietans. The study was concerned with the detection of the in-vitro effect of snake venoms on haemostatic mechanism with emphasis on the coagulative effect, fibrinolytic effect and specific action on the on coagulation and fibrinolytic factors. The result showed that venom of the genus Echis has an effect on the fibrinogen solution. There was a variation of the venoms effects on the plasma deficient factor, which varied according to the species of the snakes. The study revealed that there is a variation in the results of the species ocellatus and pyarimidum when added to plasma deficient factor II. It was found that the venoms of the snakes of the genus Bitis has an effect on dissolving fibrin while with the 3 species of the genus Echis, this dissolving effect occurred after the coagulative effect previously occurred. Electrophoresis results revealed the separation of different proteins, which varied according to the species of snakes involved.
snake venom,haemostatic mechanism,sudan