Note on the Influence of Leaf Extracts of Nine Trees on Seed Germination, Radicle and Hypocotyl Elongation of Maize and Sorghum

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Abdelrahman, Mubarak
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Allelopathic effect of water extract from fresh leaves of nine agroforestry tree types on germination, seedlings survival, hypocotyl and radicle length and days to first emergence of maize (Zea mays L.) and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) was investigated in a growth chamber. Extracts from Spina christi, Sesbania sesban and Tamarindus indica caused significant reduction in germination of seeds of both crops by 14% to 71%. Across all extracts, germination of seeds and seedlings survival of sorghum were significantly less affected than those of maize. Higher (compared to the control) survival of maize and sorghum seedlings were obtained in extracts from Khaya senegalensis, Peltophorum plerocarpum, Prosopis africana, Eucalyptus camaldulensis and S. christi. For both crops, extract from Acacia nilotica imposed less effect on hypocotyl length. The same extract significantly increased radicle length of maize and sorghum seedlings by 47% and 55%, respectively. Extracts forced maize seeds to germinate earlier, while the opposite was observed for sorghum seeds.
Allelopahy; Extracts; Germination; Hypocotyl; Maize; Radicle; Sorghum