Problems of Development Planning and Administration In The Sudan (1961-1985)

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El- Zein Musa Mohamed, Idris
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Although information, data and literature on plan implementation is meager compared to that of plan formulation, however, an attempt is made to discuss and identify the causes and limitations that led to the failure of implementation of development plans to meet their objectives and targets. Moreover, another difficulty relates to the fact that statistical data and information are hard to find or to come by in the Sudan. - The main concern of this study is to examine the major problems facing the Sudanese experience in development planning and administration during the period 1961-1985. - The implementation process indicates or describes the translation of plans into projects and other activities. However, there are specific requirements which affect, to a large extent, a success or failure of plan implementation. - From the history of development planning in the Sudan, it is found that the deficiency in the implementation capacities is the driving cause responsible for the failure of development plans to achieve much of their objectives and targets. - The lessons learnt from the past planning experience of the Sudan indicate that the implementation process has to be planned for in the formulation stage of every development plan, programme or project. In addition, the role of the administrative, political, economic and financial as well as social, cultural and other environmental factors should be taken into consideration so as to overcome the implementation difficulties, and hence avoiding the shortcomings in our future plans
Problems , Development Planning , Administration , Sudan