The Impact of Economic Policies on Sudan’s Exports(1992-2004

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Fatima Mahmoud, Ibrahim
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This study undertakes an evaluation of the macroeconomic policies in the Sudan and their impact on Sudan's exports during the period (1992-2004), with a focus on non-petroleum exports. During the period under study several economic policies (financial and non financial) were adopted in pursuit of many objectives among which was the development of the foreign trade sector through boasting the Sudanese exports. The fundamental question raised in this study is whether these policies succeeded, or other wise, in achieving their pronounced objectives? And what had accounted for their success or failure? In an attempt to determine the impact of these policies on the performance of exports during the review period, a trend analysis is performed on the inflation, exchange rate and the gross domestic product (GNP) variables vis-a-vis the exports by using a multi-linear regression model. The data for the study were obtained from various sources such as books, journals, interviews, questionnaires and relevant research studies. The most important findings of the study point is the weak response of the Sudanese exports to the initiated measures despite the manifold policies introduced in this regard. The export response could be traced bank to the conflicting policies and the persistent structural rigidities obstructing the export sector. Consequently, the implemented policies had not led to the expected results i.e increase in export volume and export earnings
Impact , Economic Policies Sudan’s, Exports