Sites And Services Schemes In Atbara Town With Special Reference To “Provision Of Services “.

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Elamin Hassan, Farah
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Today .provision of adequate housingh form the people is one of the most conspicuous problems in many parts of the world in particular in the developing countries Governments and concerned agencies usually intervene applying certain housing policies to tackle such a problem Sites and services housing policy appeared as one promising approach towered solving housing prevision problems .Recently mere and more interact has expressed on sites and service schemes on their international level particularly an the development countries At the national level, the Sudan sites and service schemes were firstly adopoaced in the 1940 since that time site and services approach in all urban centers in the Sudan unfortunately recently the application of site and services scheme in the Sudan had debated the main concept of such approach as in most cases site were distributed for beneficiaries without any services .Such improper application of this approach exists in Atbare from. Therefore this dissertation was devoted to study the experience of Atbara town with site and services schemes with special concentration on the standard and existing situation of services and the ongoing approaches for providing such services in he town . This study was carried out with a reakltrial to formulate and lay down certain guides and useful recommendation for improving the formulation and impanation of sites and services projects in Atbara town and, at the same time to proving useful clues, towards the proper implementation of sites and services concept as such. This dissertation included four parts which were divided into eight chapters. The dissertation began by defining the field, scope and the objectives of the study and hence gave general background about Atbara town .The extent of the housing problem in the Sudan and the existing housing situation in Atbara town were briefly discussed .Then the dissertation went on defining the term sites and services searching out the concept, philosophy and objectives of such approach. Then a general survey for the experience of some development countries and the Sudan was carried, Atbara experience in this field was discussed critically and special concentration was offered to the experience of the town in services provision field .The problems and constraints hindering services provision were searched out and discussed. Atbara experience was analysed critically and, string the and weaknesses were searched out. Lastly, some conclusions were drawn out and for this dissertation to realize its objective, some guiding recommendation were formulated which were covering the different aspect of formulation and implementation of sites and services.
Sites And Services Schemes In Atbara Town With Special Reference To “Provision Of Services “.