Effect of Seed Rate and Fertilizers on Fodder and Seed Yield of Lucerne (Medicago stiva L.)

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Naye, B. A.
Khidir, M. O.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of seed rate as well as phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers on fodder and seed yield of lucerne. Three seed rates (30,40 and 50kg/ha), three phosphorus levels (0, 40 and 80 kg P2O5/ha) and two nitrogen levels (0 and 30 kg N/ha) were used. The 40kg/ha seed rate gave more fodder yield than either 30 or 50 kg/ha. Phosphorus application showed no effect on fodder yield during the first season but there was a positive response in the second, and there was no significant difference between 40 and 80 kg P2 O5/ha. Nitrogen fertilization gave more fodder yield than the control. With regard to seed yield and its components, both 30 and 40 kg/ha seed rates gave significantly higher seed yield and more number of pods per raceme and per unit area than 50kg/ha, but they were not significantly different from each other. The seed rate did not affect either the number of seeds per pod or seed weight. Both phosphorus and nitrogen fertilization resulted in significant increases in the number of pods per raceme and seed yield but they did not affect the number of seeds per pod and seed weight.
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Seed yield, pods, seed weight and number of seeds