An Economic Analysis of Wheat, Broad Bean and PRIVATE Sorghum Production in the Northern State of the Sudan

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El Fiel, M.A.
Babiker, B.I.
Davis, J.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
This study was carried out (i) to identify the main economic constraints on the production of three main field crops (wheat, broad bean and sorghum) in the Northern State of the Sudan; (ii) to examine the efficiency of farmers in allocating resources to these crops; and (iii) to determine the attitude of farmers towards risk and the influence it may have upon their production decision-making process. The results indicated that although resources appeared to be allocated efficiently, there were severe constraints on the supply of certain inputs, and credit to purchase inputs was virtually unavailable. Given such an inelastic supply of some inputs, farmers pre­ferred tto minimize risk rather than maximize profit.
Page(s): 9 (1), 139-153, 18 Ref.