Monitoring and Habitat Location of the Weaver bird (Quelea quelea aethiopica) Using Remote Sensing And Geographic Information System (GIS)

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Amel Abdelraheem Abdelwahid
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This study aims to evaluate current methodologies of survey and control operations to minimize the cost of quelea control by determining the exact locations of quelea species and production of maps showing the spatial distribution of quelea habitats. The formation of geodata base of the pests distribution assists in maps reconstruction for field visits when required, and improvements which increase the efficiency of survey and control operations. The trials of this research were conducted by using the technology of Remote Sensing (RS)/Global Position System (GPS)/Geographical Information System (GIS), software, computer system to locate quelea habitats. Office records and interviews with the farmers, previous studies and relevant literature were usd in data collection and analysis to produce the final results. The field visit was conducted in the White Nile areas Alrawat southern Kusti. The results indicated that all data which were acquired and presented in maps showed the main sites of colonies and potential breeding habitats for quelea bird in the specific study area. These findings could improve the performance of quelea survey operations which are needed to increase the capacity of the currently used strategy for the control of the red- billed quelea bird
Remote Sensing
University of khartoum